1. Do you send paper straw samples?
Yes, we can send you some samples but, given the opportunity, we’d love to meet with you in person and tell you more about them.

2. Do you take individual orders?
Any enquiry is always welcome so please let us know your requirements.

3. What is the minimum order quantity?
The bigger, the better, but we’ll always try to accommodate your needs. Please talk to us.

4. How long does production of paper straws take?
We have a great capacity with a clear plan for further expansion, hence our lead times are very reasonable.

5. How well do paper straws hold up in different liquids?
Our straws are one of the best performing consumables of its kind in the industry, crafted with minimum amount of safe water-based glue.

6. Will paper straws affect the taste?
Absolutely not. Our straws are made only from odor and taste free kraft paper and are therefore completely tasteless.

7. What colors papers straws are available?
We can offer straws in white, kraft unbleached and black colors which are absolutely safe for contact with food or drink and under no circumstances leak the color.

8. Are your paper straws recyclable?
Absolutely yes. Our 100% biodegradable straws are produced from sustainable raw materials and readily recyclable.


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